Rheem gas furnace error code 1

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Rheem gas furnace error code 1

When you hear the error code 1 on your Rheem gas furnace, you may wonder what it means or what is happening. A common cause of this error code is if your furnace has been off from a power outage or a unit relay having failed.

Error code 1 usually indicates that the thermal cut-off switch for the air handler is stuck closed, meaning your air handler does not separate heat from cool and incoming air. If this happens, it leads to heating and cooling problems in the home.

While there can be many causes of this error, here are some common causes that may lead to this issue:

• dirt accumulation inside the air filter

• faulty wiring

• defective capacitor

Here is a list of common furnace error codes. They are not only used by gas furnaces but also by furnaces that use oil, electricity or propane.

1. Error code 1 – The unit has had a problem with its thermostat or controller

2. Error code 2 – The heating element has failed, or the thermostat and controller need to be replaced

3. Error code 3 – The burner has failed, or the thermostat and controller need to be replaced

4. Error code 4 – The unit needs refrigerant added

5. Error code 5 – The pilot light has gone out

This is an issue that many homeowners face, especially in the wintertime. While it’s not always due to a malfunction, or error code, 1 can often be caused by a damaged or loose gas valve.

A gas valve is an important part of any gas appliance. It controls the fuel flow from the furnace or stove to your home and ensures your heating system’s safe and efficient operation.

A damaged or loose gas valve can prevent your furnace from properly operating and cause issues such as heat loss, higher utility bills, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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