Error code 21 Carrier furnace

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Error code 21 Carrier furnace

Carrier furnaces are large; powerful furnaces used to heat homes and buildings. They usually produce a lot of heat and need careful attention when not in use. When the furnace does not start, an error code 21 may appear on the screen.

This error code is often accompanied by an error message saying, “Carrier failure or system fault”. The most common causes are clogged thermocouples, a blower motor plugging up with dust or debris, or a bad gas valve. The best action is to turn off the power switch and clear the issue so the carrier will work properly again.

Error Code 21 carrier furnace is a classic example of an error code that can easily be fixed with a quick phone call. So why not use these error codes as a marketing tool? That’s what Air Conditioning and Refrigeration magazine did.

Carrier furnaces are designed to be used in the home or small building. However, due to their size, they often contain different sensors that detect when the furnace is low on fuel. Some home furnaces will produce error code 21 when it detects a low amount of oil and automatically shuts off.

If you are having trouble seeing if your furnace has an issue, error code 21 will be one way to find out. The error code 21 is for a low fuel sensor and can occur anywhere from 5-30 minutes after your furnace shuts down.

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