Carrier furnace code 1-4

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Carrier furnace code 1-4

Carrier furnace codes are not all the same. There are a few different codes that are specific to Carrier furnaces. Code 1 is a high voltage control problem; code 2 needs to replace the control transformer; code 3 is a dirty igniter, and code 4 is a gas valve problem.

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When Carrier furnaces were first made, they were coded with letters and numbers corresponding to the manufacturing date and model.

A Carrier furnace code is described in a letter-number format, with each letter corresponding to a month and each number corresponding to the day of the month. The codes are not standardized, but there are some general guidelines on how they work.

The first digit corresponds chronologically to when Carrier manufactured the furnace. So if it is “1”, the furnace was manufactured in January this year. The second digit corresponds with which week the furnace was produced. So if it is “1”, this particular furnace was produced in January’s second week (the one after New Year’s Day). The third through fifth digits correspond to what day of that week the furnace was made. So if it is “2 3 4 5,” this means that today’s date is February 1st, and this particular furnace is.

Carrier furnace code 1-4 is used to identify the individual make, model, serial number and installation date of a Carrier heating or cooling system.

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