Carrier furnace error code 25

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Carrier furnace error code 25

Carrier furnace error code 25 is the most common error code on Carrier furnaces. Usually, the following problems will be solved with this error:

1. Unable to read air filter

2. Air duct obstruction

3. Damaged wiring

The Carrier furnace error code 25 occurs when a fault is detected in the secondary heater assembly. This error code doesn’t mean that the furnace has failed or will fail, it just tells you that you need to contact a licensed heating and air conditioning professional to fix the problem.

When this code is displayed on your thermostat, it means that the secondary heat exchanger temperature sensor has a fault. To clear this error and power off your furnace, first remove any dust or dirt from the sensor by blowing with compressed air from an air canister, then replace the sensor if it’s faulty.

Carrier furnace error code 25 is a code that indicates that the furnace’s control board has detected an over-temperature condition.

There are two ways to address this code: you can either call a professional or troubleshoot the issue yourself. If you decide to look into the issue, then you will need to be aware of what this means and why it was triggered. You will also need to see whether or not your home’s airflow may be blocked and if there is something wrong with your air filter.

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