Carrier furnace error code 34

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Carrier furnace error code 34

Carrier furnace error code 34 is a common error code that can be easily fixed.

The first step in repairing carrier furnace error code 34 is to turn off power to the furnace before going further with repairs, so that there would not be any risk associated with further damages. Now find the wire where it enters the low voltage thermostat and disconnect it from the circuit board. After this, connect it back up, but make sure that you do not cross wires by mistake or else another fault will appear on your Carrier Furnace again.

Carrier furnace error code 34 is a ventilation problem. The problem typically stems from a clogged or dirty filter.

Carrier is a company that manufactures furnaces. This company has been manufacturing furnaces since 1906.

Carrier’s furnaces are the most popular in the US and Canada. Furthermore, Carrier’s furnaces are all belt-driven and no electric motors, which makes them more durable and efficient.

Carrier furnace error code 34 displays a problem with the flame sensor, which could be due to a clogged filter or a faulty sensor.

Some other causes of this error can be an issue with the motor capacitor or a bad igniter module. If this error persists after checking these three possible causes, then it is advisable to contact Carrier for further assistance.

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