Carrier furnace error code 45

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Carrier furnace error code 45

Due to the recent increase in energy prices, it is important for homeowners to have high efficiency furnaces on their property. Carrier furnaces have ranked as one of the top brands for heating and cooling products for over 60 years.

The problem with Carrier furnaces is that there can be errors reported on them at times, usually due to installation or other problems. One error that might occur with a Carrier furnace is code 45 which indicates a problem dealing with the temperature sensor.

Carrier furnace error code 45 may be an indication of a problem with the blower motor, the heat sensor, or the power supply.

Some common causes for Carrier furnace error code 45 are:

– The belt tensioner may not be adjusted correctly.

– The heat sensor has failed in a way that it is constantly giving false readings.

– The blower motor could be defective or blocked with debris.

– The power supply could have failed (perhaps it needs to be replaced).

Carrier is a popular brand of furnaces and one of the most common Carrier furnace error codes is 45.

In this section, we will talk about error code 45 that you might find on your furnace’s display. Error code 45 appears when an internal fault is detected by the furnace’s controller board or when the sensors detect that an air leak has occurred.

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