Carrier furnace light code

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Carrier furnace light code

The carrier furnace light code is a code that is displayed on the display panel of the furnace.

The Carrier light codes are different in some cases. For example, the range of Carrier light codes for gas furnaces is from 1 to 8 and for electric furnaces, from A to F.

The Carrier furnace light codes have different meanings. The heat lights on gas furnaces will flash if there is a problem with the flame and electricity, for example, when the breaker trips or the power goes out. There will be a flash on electric furnaces if there is a problem with the electronics, like the power going out or a short circuit.

The Carrier furnace light code helps the technician find the problem with your furnace.

The Carrier furnace light code is as follows:

-A flashing orange one in a row means a malfunction in the heating circuit.

-A steady orange light means there’s something wrong with or loose on the terminal board.

-A flashing green light means there’s an overheating protection issue.

-A steady green light means a problem withdrawing air from the system.

Carrier furnaces have a two-part code across the top (model number) and down the left side of the metal tag (serial number).

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