Carrier furnace led codes 3 short 2 long

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Carrier furnace led codes 3 short 2 long

Carrier furnace led codes are important for the people working on or near the furnace when diagnosing problems or when servicing the furnace.

Carrier is a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration company that provides quality products to their customers. One of Carriers recent features is a LED diagnostic code that can be used to identify and solve many problems.

The Carrier furnace led codes notifies the homeowner when a problem is detected or a fault has occurred.

Carrier furnaces have an LED light that lights up in various sequences and color codes to notify the homeowner of specific problems.

The 3 short, 2 long code means that an air flow fault has been detected in the system.

Carrier furnace led codes 3 short 2 long

The following is a list of Carrier furnace led codes for troubleshooting.

Carrier FAN Led Codes – Indicates a fan problem.

3 short cycles = Fan relay not working or dirty condenser coil

2 long cycles = High pressure switch not working or dirty cooling tower coil

1 long+1 short cycle = Low pressure switch not running, high pressure switch not running, or dirty evaporator

4 short cycles = Dirty low-voltage terminal strip

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