Rheem gas furnace error code 22

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Rheem gas furnace error code 22

When you find yourself facing an error code 22, you may have a lot of questions. But before getting on the phone to call a technician, try these steps to resolve the problem on your own.

A Rheem gas furnace error code 22 is mainly due to a safety feature activated by the thermostat. This feature stops any gas from being fed into the line during a power surge.

There is a problem with the Rheem gas furnace error code 22. What does that mean? It means that if you run out of gas, you need to call the repair center for your furnace.

There are many causes of flashing Rheem furnace error code 22. Common causes include broken thermostats, bad gas lines, and open pilot light safety switches.

The most common cause for Rheem gas furnace error code 22 is the broken or faulty thermostat. When a user reports that their home is cold and their furnace isn’t turning on, call an expert to check out the issue with your thermostat. If everything checks out and you still have an issue, call the service line to get assistance troubleshooting for you.

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