Carrier furnace fault code 42

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Carrier furnace fault code 42

There are many ways that a Carrier furnace can be wired. One of these configurations is called a Split-Door furnace. This configuration has two sets of terminals that run up to the control board on the wall. When the door to this type of furnace opens, it splits into two halves creating a space between them to allow easy access to all parts inside the unit.

Fault code 42 means the furnace has a problem with the thermistor.

The problem with the thermistor can be resolved by checking the following components:

-Thermistor –

-Temperature Sensor –

-Secondary Flame Sensor –

-Secondary Shutter Assembly.

Carrier furnace fault code 42 is an error code that indicates that there is some type of problem with the system. Common causes of this error include low gas pressure, unintended interruption from a user or circuit breaker, and a dirty sensor or filter.

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