Rheem furnace led error codes

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Rheem furnace led error codes

An error code is a message that lights up on the furnace’s outer case. These codes are usually displayed, with a message containing all the information to troubleshoot any issues that might have arisen.

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The only thing we can do right now is waiting for an eventual response from Rheem and hope for a fix soon!

When a Rheem furnace has an error code, it will produce a series of digits that can be used to identify the problem. This article provides information on the different error codes and their meaning.

1. The furnace is lighting during start-up but not starting up or cycling off and on

2. The burner relay has failed

3. The pilot is open circuit

4. The controller in the burner has shorted out

Rheem furnace-led error codes help you troubleshoot problems that may arise with your furnace. These codes are usually followed by a letter or number, determining the particular problem. Let’s look at some of the most common codes for your Rheem furnace;

6E: Error Code meaning: The gas valve control has been turned off.

2A: Error Code Meaning: Condensate drain is not installed properly.

E0: Error Code Meaning: Low-level fault detected in power supply.

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