Rheem furnace error code 57

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Rheem furnace error code 57

57 is an error code indicating a problem in the furnace. If your furnace displays this error code, contact a certified technician to fix it and get it back in service.

This article provides information on what causes the Rheem furnace error code 57, what you should do if you notice this error, and how to avoid this issue by properly maintaining your furnace.

Rheem furnace error code 57 is one of the most common errors in the Rheem furnace. For this reason, users need to know how to fix this error.

Getting rid of Rheem furnace error code 57 is quite easy. If a user performs hands-on research, they can figure out what caused this error and fix it themselves.

One of the most common errors you would encounter is no heat from a Rheem furnace. This error code is shown when the system cannot detect the position of the thermostat. The cause of this problem can be different and can lead to serious consequences.

In this blog post, we will cover what causes error code 57, how it can be fixed, and how you can prevent a similar error in future.

Rheem furnace error code 57 occurs due to various reasons like:

A) Thermostat not detecting boiler OV Sensor (BOOST)

B) Thermostat OV Sensor not connected or disconnected

C) Boiler pressure switch stuck open or closed

D) Controller board failure on the circuit board

E) Control board shorted out or blown fuse