Carrier furnace error code 31

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Carrier furnace error code 31

The Carrier furnace error code 31 is a code that is displayed on the control panel when there is a malfunction in the power supply.

The code 31 indicates that there is an overload of 230 V power supply. The overload will be triggered when too many heavy loads are connected to the circuit or not enough fuses are installed.

The Carrier furnace error code is a three digit code. The first digit is the type of problem, the second digit shows whether a part is needed to fix the problem and th third digit codes for what parts are needed to fix the problem.

Carrier furnaces can be a complicated and expensive purchase for some homeowners. Luckily, Carrier furnaces also have error codes that alert homeowners about different problems that are occurring in the furnace.

Error code 31 is an important Carrier furnace error code because it indicates that there is a problem with the blower wheel. This could mean that debris has been collected on the brush and is no longer spinning properly or it could indicate that there are problems with the motor, bearings or blower wheel itself.


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