Rheem furnace error codes 45

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Rheem furnace error codes 45

Due to low-quality manufacturing, the Rheem furnace had an error code of 45.

The error codes indicate a malfunction in the furnace’s thermocouple wire that causes it to overheat and shut down prematurely.

To fix Rheem furnace error codes 45, ensure your thermostat is programmed to the correct temperature. If that doesn’t work, remove the control panel from the wall and clean it. If this doesn’t work, you must replace your pad or burner.

There are many things to think about when buying a new furnace. What is the fuel source? How much will it cost? Which type of heating system should you have? And so on.

The manufacturer officially identified the Rheem furnace error code 45 as an indication that the motor was overheating. This is because when this condition occurs, the fan cannot keep up with expelling hot air and may cause damage, eventually leading to a fire.

If your furnace experiences Rheem error code 45, turn off power at the circuit breaker and call a professional for assistance immediately.