Rheem furnace fault code 61

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Rheem furnace fault code 61

Fault code 61 on Rheem furnaces indicates a faulty igniter switch. This code can often leave homeowners scratching their heads, trying to figure out what is wrong with their furnaces. Fortunately, diagnosing and resolving this problem is not too difficult if you know the right steps. —

Fault code 61 on a Rheem furnace can be frustrating, as it indicates that the furnace cannot complete its start-up cycle. Various factors, including an issue with the gas valve or blower motor or an obstruction in the venting system,, can cause this. Fortunately, you can take steps to diagnose and fix this problem yourself.

With the right combination of knowledge and tools, any homeowner should be able to solve this issue and get their Rheem furnace back up and running again.

Furnace fault code 61 for Rheem gas furnaces may have a few possible causes that need to be addressed before they can be repaired. If your Rheem furnace is displaying Fault Code 61, it could mean that the pressure switches are not recognizing the induced draft motor running or partially staged heat. It could also indicate incorrect wiring of the draft inducer/blower motor, excessive airflow, and other issues with the system.

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