Carrier furnace error code 21

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Carrier furnace error code 21

A carrier furnace error code 21 references an issue with the Gas valve.

Carrier furnaces are gas- or oil-powered heating devices for residential and commercial purposes. Carrier furnaces have a gas valve that controls the fuel flow from the line into the furnace and then out to other connected appliances. When the carrier furnace error code 21 occurs, it means there has been some malfunction in this system.

Carrier furnaces produce a given error code 21 in response to a sensor not responding. Technicians will need to investigate this issue so they can provide a solution.

The Carrier furnace error code (21) stands for the electric heater circuit is open or shorted.

This error usually indicates a bad contactor, an open furnace circuit breaker, or a shorted wire between the heat strips and the pilot assy.

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