Carrier furnace error code 14

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Carrier furnace error code 14

This document section provides an overview of Carrier furnace error code 14, including what causes it, how to fix it, and how to prevent it.

Carrier furnace error code 14 is most often caused by a blockage in the filters. A dirty flame sensor or a malfunctioning blower motor can also cause it.

– Unblock any filters that may be causing a blockage.

– If you cannot detect the cause, call your HVAC professional to resolve the issue.

– Keep your home clean and clear of debris near your heater to reduce the risk of getting an error code in future.

Carrier’s furnace error code 14 is a failure of the emergency shutdown relay.

When Carrier’s furnace error code 14 happens, it is recommended to have an expert take a look at your unit. This will help determine whether or not it needs further repair.

Error code 14 is an error that usually indicates that the blower fan has failed.

A range of different error codes can identify carrier furnaces. Error code 14 is one of these codes, which means a problem with the blower fan, which will need to be replaced.

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